MULTI SEAL® manufactures and markets high-performance tire sealants, scientifically formulated to virtually eliminate air loss due to punctures and slow leaks, protecting your tires and the people, vehicles, and equipment that are counting on them.

Using proprietary formulas and high tech ingredients since 1981, MULTI SEAL® products are manufactured in the United States specifically for applications like yours.

MULTI SEAL® sealants are the world’s leading performer in the industrial, agricultural, and power sports tire sealant market.  Easily installed through the valve stem in minutes, one treatment lasts the life of your tires.  Along with protection from large punctures in the tread area, MULTI SEAL® stops underinflation due to slow leaks, seals punctures in the sidewall, stops pinhole leaks in the rim, prevents corrosion, and extends the life of your tires while providing a safer driving experience.

Why Choose MULTI SEAL®?


The name of the game is prevention. MULTI SEAL’s 21st century formula works inside your tires filling holes and punctures instantly. Fewer leaks mean fewer flats and longer lasting tires. The result is less money spent on new tires, retreads and damaged wheels — and a higher ROI for your rolling stock.

Prevention also means keeping all tires properly inflated to avoid lower performance and decreased tire life. MULTI SEAL® tire sealants combined with a regular tire maintenance program can result in a dramatic economic savings.

Serious about safety. Adding tire sealants to your safety strategy.

There is a great deal riding on your tires – people, vehicles, equipment and cargo all depending on the safe, reliable performance of your tires. MULTI SEAL® tire sealants protect your fleets, helping reduce your exposure to dangerous, unsafe operations on the highways or on the job site. MULTI SEAL® offers the highest level of puncture and leak protection available.

Proven over millions of miles with truck fleets and the world’s harshest on-road and off-road conditions, MULTI SEAL® prevents up to 95% of tire failures from punctures and underinflation.

To meet your specific need, choose from our extensive line of products:

What our customers say about MULTI SEAL®

“We have a hand cart that always had a flat tire when we needed to use it. The last time I inflated the tire I could hear the air escaping! After adding MULTI SEAL, the tire now holds air and our cart is back in operation — whenever we need it. I would definitely recommend using this product!

Shannon Martinez

“Part of race prep involves tires that last. With Multi Seal, we ran the entire Baja 1000, and Parker 250 on the same tires with zero flats. That’s almost 1500 miles of abuse without needing to change a tire. We use to run tire blocks, but they were difficult to install. With Multi Seal, we can easily add superior protection against flats and make our tires last for longer than expected. So, now I’m sharing a little secret that we use in racing but maybe it’ll keep you from getting stranded!

Jaime Romero

“I installed MULTI SEAL® Heavy Duty tire sealant in the industrial R4 tires on my Kubota L4740 tractor before mowing over 50 harsh acres of thorny brush at my Texas ranch. I had no troubles with leaks or flats. Later, I also hauled off an old farm house with the front loader bucket with no flats from nails or other debris thanks to MULTI SEAL® Heavy Duty.

I now own a Kubota RTV900 utility vehicle which I did not add MULTI SEAL® Heavy Duty sealant; that is until the second time I drove it and one tire was already flat. So, I immediately installed MULTI SEAL® Heavy Duty in each tire and almost a year later – still no flats. It works!”

Satisfied Keith, Texas

“I’ve worked in the golfing industry for 20 years and I’ve tried every tire sealant to come down the pike.  Why would MULTI SEAL® be any different? Your sales representative explained that your sealant would not rust my rims and it would stop constant under-inflation problems 100%.  He said MULTI SEAL® would eliminate 95% of flats caused by punctures. I was skeptical but the steel pike demonstration got my attention!

My duties include the management of all mowing and maintenance equipment for seven golf courses. It’s a large fleet. We experience up to 15 flats regularly in just one week. After adding MULTI SEAL® tire sealant to all of our fleet tires our flats were reduced by 99.4% in just the first eight months.

Your product is incredible and the downtime it saves us is nothing short of miraculous!”

Eddie Menchaca, Supervisor

San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department
City of San Antonio Parks & Recreation DepartmentCo-owner of Seven Creative Group

“I had been having trouble with flats since I bought our Kubota 9540 about 18 months ago.  I tried other so-called tire sealants; none of which did any good.  We do a lot of shredding on our Texas ranch.  The property is covered in Huisache and Mesquite trees, and we always have big trouble with flats when shredding it.

The first day we had three flats.  It was going to cost $3,500 to fill my tires with foam.  I decided to try MULTI SEAL ®instead on the recommendation of my farm supply dealer. MULTI SEAL® costs much less, and I finished the shredding at the ranch without ANY flats. In fact, I added the leftover MULTI SEAL® to my utility vehicle “mule” that already had three leaking tires and have had no flats or leaks since.  I plan to put it in every tire on the ranch.

Thanks MULTI SEAL®.”

Wes ColeCole Cattle Company, Victoria, Texas

The single application, non-adhesive tire sealant that prevents flats.

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