MULTI SEAL Announces New Product Names and Packaging

MULTI SEAL® Corporation, the leader in high performance tire sealant technology, announces new product names and packaging for their three main formulas. The new names include: HYDRO 1500™ (formerly HYDRO SEAL), PRO HD 2500™ (formerly HEAVY DUTY), and ARMOR 3500™ (formerly ARMOR SEAL). Updated packaging will give the product line a more dynamic and impactful look and feel.

High Performance Tire Sealant

Extend tire life and protect the people and equipment that are riding on them. Since 1981 MULTI SEAL has manufactured high performance tire sealants, scientifically formulated to virtually eliminate air loss due to punctures and slow leaks.

Using proprietary formulas and ingredients, MULTI SEAL products are blended in the United States specifically for industrial segments. MULTI SEAL is the world leader for superior tire sealant technology.

PRO HD 2500™

MULTI SEAL PRO HD 2500™ is designed for use in equipment that is used off-road. Ideally suited for use in the over-the-road vehicles that routinely experience hazardous conditions.

ARMOR 3500™

ARMOR 3500™ is based on the highly successful MULTI SEAL PRO HD 2500 Formula. Initially designed for military use, ARMOR 3500 has proven to be very effective in operations with unusually hazardous environments.

HYDRO 1500™

HYDRO 1500™ is a flat preventative specifically formulated for ballast-filled tires. It is compatible with calcium chloride, anti-freeze or water-filled tires and will prevent slow leaks in the bead and rim areas of the tires.

Installation & Demo Videos

MULTI SEAL offers many different options for installing the product:

  • 32oz squeezable bottle
  • 1oz pump for the gallon bottle
  • 5 gal pail pump
  • Pneumatic injection cart
  • Pre-measured bags

View our series of installation videos to see real-world installation of MULTI SEAL tire sealant.

Safety Data Sheets

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